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TODO list


Environment stability

Do not publish any SDK functions, macros, defines and includes. Define only what's needed in LT's public headers (like Arduino.h). Everything else is taken from sdk_extern.h or WVariant.h (TODO decide whether to keep WV public / make both private / get rid of WV and use sdk_extern only). Private headers are included by LT's .cpp units (maybe a dedicated private header that would include sdk_extern + Arduino.h).

Developers wanting to use SDK functions need to include them.

Explicit is better than implicit.

  • consider moving to C++17 (GNU)? or any newer than C++11
  • wrap all memory management functions (malloc, calloc, free, memset, etc.) and their vendor SDK counterparts to use FreeRTOS instead
    • pretty much done for ambz and ambz2, Beken is yet left to do (os_malloc() etc.)
  • remove all network protocol client/server implementations from SDKs (mDNS, HTTP, DNS, etc.)

New families

  • BL602
  • RTL8710A
  • RTL8720C
  • RTL8720D
  • W600 and/or W800
  • LN8825
  • BK7231Q
  • host-native family


  • write OpenOCD flashers, using uf2ota library + FAL for partitions (in ltchiptool repository)


  • write Contributor's Guide
  • export LT cores in an Arduino IDE-compatible format (automatically - GitHub Actions)
  • consider using precompiled SDK blobs for improved build speed (especially on e.g. Raspberry Pi)


  • configuration of RX/TX pins
  • SoftwareSerial library - receiving + Beken family


  • implement Wire on BK, refactor the API and class
  • watchdog API
  • Preferences library
  • test/fix IPv6 on different families
  • what is PowerManagement at all? probably useless -> remove


  • fix WiFi on BK7231N, test other functionality
  • fix SSL (mbedTLS)
  • I2C (Wire)
  • SPI
  • BLE


  • take all stdio functions from stdio.h
  • rewrite most of Wiring (it was copied from ambd_arduino, and is ugly)