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This is a tool for converting LibreTiny firmware images to UF2 format for OTA updates.

$ python
usage: uf2ota [-h] [--output OUTPUT] [--family FAMILY] [--board BOARD] [--version VERSION] [--fw FW] {info,dump,write} inputs [inputs ...]
uf2ota: error: the following arguments are required: action, inputs


Generate a UF2 file from a firmware image or several images.

$ python write --family RTL8710B --board wr3 --version 0.4.0 --fw esphome:2022.6.0-dev "ota1;xip1.bin;ota2;xip2.bin"

$ ls -l out.uf2
-rw-r--r-- 1 Kuba None 605696 May 28 14:35 out.uf2

inputs format

Format for inputs parameter is part;file[;part;file] (square brackets mean optional). First two (colon separated) values correspond to flashing OTA1 region, second two to OTA2.

Partition name can be suffixed by +offset, which causes writing the image file to the partition after some byte offset. Both files and/or partition names can be equal. Values can be empty (like part;file;; or ;;part;file) if OTA1/2 images are not present in this file.

When using two different firmware binaries, they need to have the same offset and be of the same size.

inputs parameter can be repeated in order to embed multiple files in the UF2. For example:

"bootloader;boot.bin" "ota1;xip1.bin;ota2;xip2.bin" "config;config1.bin;config;config2.bin"

  • flash the bootloader in both OTA schemes
  • flash xip1.bin or xip2.bin to ota1 or ota2 partitions
  • flash config1.bin or config2.bin to config partition


This command shows some basic parameters of a UF2 image.

$ python info out.uf2
Family: RTL8710B
 - BOARD: wr3
 - DEVICE_ID: 312d5ec5
 - LT_VERSION: 0.4.0
 - FIRMWARE: esphome
 - VERSION: 2022.6.0-dev
 - DEVICE: LibreTiny
 - LT_HAS_OTA1: 01
 - LT_HAS_OTA2: 01
 - LT_PART_1: ota1
 - LT_PART_2: ota2
 - LT_BINPATCH: fe0900500c009094989ca0
Data chunks: 1182
Total binary size: 302448


Dump UF2 file (only LibreTiny format) into separate firmware binaries.

$ python dump out.uf2

$ ls -1 out.uf2_dump/