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Beken 72xx


Name Notes
BK7231U Datasheet v0.71 Machine-translated to English
BL2028N Datasheet v1.0 BL2028N is a "clone" of BK7231N
BK72XX SDK User Manual 3.0.3 Machine-translated to English
BEKEN WiFi SDK API Reference 3.0.27 Machine-translated to English
Beken SDK documentation (online) Not much here
encrypt v0.3 source code
ota_tools source code Encryption routines and FPGA code used on the chip
BK7231 OpenOCD debugging From user @xabean

General info

There are many chip variations in this SoC family:

  • BK7231 - marked BK7231QN40, so we're calling it "BK7231Q" to reduce confusion
  • BK7231T
  • BK7231N
  • BK7231S
  • BK7231U

The "officially existing" ones are BK7231Q, BK7231N and BK7231U. These are supported by Beken SDKs, such as bdk_freertos, although bk7231s_alios_sdk also existed at some point.

  • BK7231N is substantially different than the other chips, so running T code on N (and vice versa) is not directly possible.
  • BK7231Q does not have eFuse.
  • there are some references to U meaning USB support
  • T seems to be exclusive to Tuya boards (that would explain the name); in the T SDK from Tuya, CFG_SOC_NAME is set to SOC_BK7231U
  • T's bootloader greets with BK7231S_1.0.5 on UART

Regarding bdk_freertos:

  • make allows selecting for which MCU the code should be compiled
  • make bk7231 doesn't compile at all
  • make bk7231u doesn't run on T with Tuya's bootloader (1.0.5), though it works just fine after replacing the bootloader with one of these included with bdk_freertos (1.0.8) (yes, even bk7231n bootloader)
  • after making a few changes to driver/entry and driver/intc (so it looks more like the code from T SDK) bdk_freertos runs just fine