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Class SerialClass

ClassList > SerialClass

Inherits the following classes: HardwareSerial

Public Attributes

Type Name
void * data

Public Functions

Type Name
SerialClass (uint32_t port, pin_size_t rx=PIN_INVALID, pin_size_t tx=PIN_INVALID)
int available ()
void begin (unsigned long baudrate)
void begin (unsigned long baudrate, uint16_t config)
void configure (unsigned long baudrate)
void configure (unsigned long baudrate, uint16_t config)
void end ()
void flush ()
operator bool ()
int peek ()
int read ()
size_t write (uint8_t c)

Public Attributes Documentation

variable data

void* SerialClass::data;

Public Functions Documentation

function SerialClass

SerialClass::SerialClass (
    uint32_t port,
    pin_size_t rx=PIN_INVALID,
    pin_size_t tx=PIN_INVALID

function available

int SerialClass::available () 

function begin [1/2]

inline void SerialClass::begin (
    unsigned long baudrate

function begin [2/2]

void SerialClass::begin (
    unsigned long baudrate,
    uint16_t config

function configure [1/2]

inline void SerialClass::configure (
    unsigned long baudrate

function configure [2/2]

void SerialClass::configure (
    unsigned long baudrate,
    uint16_t config

function end

void SerialClass::end () 

function flush

void SerialClass::flush () 

function operator bool

inline SerialClass::operator bool () 

function peek

int SerialClass::peek () 

function read

int SerialClass::read () 

function write

size_t SerialClass::write (
    uint8_t c

The documentation for this class was generated from the following file cores/common/arduino/libraries/api/Serial/Serial.h