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Class fs::File

ClassList > fs > File

Inherits the following classes: Stream

Public Functions

Type Name
File (FileImplPtr p=FileImplPtr())
int available () override
void close ()
void flush () override
time_t getLastWrite ()
boolean isDirectory (void)
const char * name () const
File openNextFile (const char * mode=FILE_READ)
operator bool () const
const char * path () const
int peek () override
size_t position () const
int read () override
size_t read (uint8_t * buf, size_t size)
size_t readBytes (char * buffer, size_t length)
void rewindDirectory (void)
bool seek (uint32_t pos, SeekMode mode)
bool seek (uint32_t pos)
bool setBufferSize (size_t size)
size_t size () const
size_t write (uint8_t c) override
size_t write (const uint8_t * buf, size_t size) override

Protected Attributes

Type Name
FileImplPtr _p

Public Functions Documentation

function File

inline fs::File::File (
    FileImplPtr p=FileImplPtr()

function available

int fs::File::available () override

function close

void fs::File::close () 

function flush

void fs::File::flush () override

function getLastWrite

time_t fs::File::getLastWrite () 

function isDirectory

boolean fs::File::isDirectory (

function name

const char * fs::File::name () const

function openNextFile

File fs::File::openNextFile (
    const char * mode=FILE_READ

function operator bool

fs::File::operator bool () const

function path

const char * fs::File::path () const

function peek

int fs::File::peek () override

function position

size_t fs::File::position () const

function read [1/2]

int fs::File::read () override

function read [2/2]

size_t fs::File::read (
    uint8_t * buf,
    size_t size

function readBytes

inline size_t fs::File::readBytes (
    char * buffer,
    size_t length

function rewindDirectory

void fs::File::rewindDirectory (

function seek [1/2]

bool fs::File::seek (
    uint32_t pos,
    SeekMode mode

function seek [2/2]

inline bool fs::File::seek (
    uint32_t pos

function setBufferSize

bool fs::File::setBufferSize (
    size_t size

function size

size_t fs::File::size () const

function write [1/2]

size_t fs::File::write (
    uint8_t c
) override

function write [2/2]

size_t fs::File::write (
    const uint8_t * buf,
    size_t size
) override

Protected Attributes Documentation

variable _p

FileImplPtr fs::File::_p;

The documentation for this class was generated from the following file cores/common/arduino/libraries/common/FS/FS.h