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Struct Cookie

ClassList > Cookie

Public Attributes

Type Name
time_t date = = 0
String domain
time_t duration = = 0
struct Cookie::@2 expires
String host
bool http_only = = false
struct Cookie::@3 max_age
String name
String path = = ""
bool secure = = false
bool valid = = false
String value

Public Attributes Documentation

variable date

time_t Cookie::date;

variable domain

String Cookie::domain;

variable duration

time_t Cookie::duration;

variable expires

struct Cookie::@2 Cookie::expires;

variable host

String Cookie::host;

variable http_only

bool Cookie::http_only;

variable max_age

struct Cookie::@3 Cookie::max_age;

variable name

String Cookie::name;

variable path

String Cookie::path;

variable secure

bool Cookie::secure;

variable valid

bool Cookie::valid;

variable value

String Cookie::value;

The documentation for this class was generated from the following file cores/common/arduino/libraries/ext/HTTPClient/HTTPClient.h