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Struct ip_event_got_ip_t

ClassList > ip_event_got_ip_t

Public Attributes

Type Name
void * esp_netif
int if_index
bool ip_changed
esp_netif_ip_info_t ip_info

Public Attributes Documentation

variable esp_netif

void* ip_event_got_ip_t::esp_netif;

Pointer to corresponding esp-netif object

variable if_index

int ip_event_got_ip_t::if_index;

Interface index for which the event is received (left for legacy compilation)

variable ip_changed

bool ip_event_got_ip_t::ip_changed;

Whether the assigned IP has changed or not

variable ip_info

esp_netif_ip_info_t ip_event_got_ip_t::ip_info;

IP address, netmask, gatway IP address

The documentation for this class was generated from the following file cores/common/arduino/libraries/api/WiFi/WiFiEvents.h