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Struct wifi_ftm_report_entry_t

ClassList > wifi_ftm_report_entry_t


  • #include <WiFiEvents.h>

Public Attributes

Type Name
uint8_t dlog_token
int8_t rssi
uint32_t rtt
uint64_t t1
uint64_t t2
uint64_t t3
uint64_t t4

Detailed Description

Argument structure for

Public Attributes Documentation

variable dlog_token

uint8_t wifi_ftm_report_entry_t::dlog_token;

Dialog Token of the FTM frame

variable rssi

int8_t wifi_ftm_report_entry_t::rssi;

RSSI of the FTM frame received

variable rtt

uint32_t wifi_ftm_report_entry_t::rtt;

Round Trip Time in pSec with a peer

variable t1

uint64_t wifi_ftm_report_entry_t::t1;

Time of departure of FTM frame from FTM Responder in pSec

variable t2

uint64_t wifi_ftm_report_entry_t::t2;

Time of arrival of FTM frame at FTM Initiator in pSec

variable t3

uint64_t wifi_ftm_report_entry_t::t3;

Time of departure of ACK from FTM Initiator in pSec

variable t4

uint64_t wifi_ftm_report_entry_t::t4;

Time of arrival of ACK at FTM Responder in pSec

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