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Class RequestHandler

ClassList > RequestHandler

Inherited by the following classes: FunctionRequestHandler, StaticRequestHandler

Public Functions

Type Name
virtual bool canHandle (HTTPMethod method, String uri)
virtual bool canUpload (String uri)
virtual bool handle (WebServer & server, HTTPMethod requestMethod, String requestUri)
RequestHandler * next ()
void next (RequestHandler * r)
const String & pathArg (unsigned int i)
virtual void upload (WebServer & server, String requestUri, HTTPUpload & upload)
virtual ~RequestHandler ()

Protected Attributes

Type Name
std::vector< String > pathArgs

Public Functions Documentation

function canHandle

inline virtual bool RequestHandler::canHandle (
    HTTPMethod method,
    String uri

function canUpload

inline virtual bool RequestHandler::canUpload (
    String uri

function handle

inline virtual bool RequestHandler::handle (
    WebServer & server,
    HTTPMethod requestMethod,
    String requestUri

function next [1/2]

inline RequestHandler * RequestHandler::next () 

function next [2/2]

inline void RequestHandler::next (
    RequestHandler * r

function pathArg

inline const String & RequestHandler::pathArg (
    unsigned int i

function upload

inline virtual void RequestHandler::upload (
    WebServer & server,
    String requestUri,
    HTTPUpload & upload

function ~RequestHandler

inline virtual RequestHandler::~RequestHandler () 

Protected Attributes Documentation

variable pathArgs

std::vector<String> RequestHandler::pathArgs;

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