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Struct wifi_event_ftm_report_t

ClassList > wifi_event_ftm_report_t


  • #include <WiFiEvents.h>

Public Attributes

Type Name
uint32_t dist_est
wifi_ftm_report_entry_t * ftm_report_data
uint8_t ftm_report_num_entries
uint8_t peer_mac
uint32_t rtt_est
uint32_t rtt_raw
wifi_ftm_status_t status

Detailed Description

Argument structure for WIFI_EVENT_FTM_REPORT event

Public Attributes Documentation

variable dist_est

uint32_t wifi_event_ftm_report_t::dist_est;

Estimated one-way distance in Centi-Meters

variable ftm_report_data

wifi_ftm_report_entry_t* wifi_event_ftm_report_t::ftm_report_data;

Pointer to FTM Report with multiple entries, should be freed after use

variable ftm_report_num_entries

uint8_t wifi_event_ftm_report_t::ftm_report_num_entries;

Number of entries in the FTM Report data

variable peer_mac

uint8_t wifi_event_ftm_report_t::peer_mac[6];

MAC address of the FTM Peer

variable rtt_est

uint32_t wifi_event_ftm_report_t::rtt_est;

Estimated Round-Trip-Time with peer in Nano-Seconds

variable rtt_raw

uint32_t wifi_event_ftm_report_t::rtt_raw;

Raw average Round-Trip-Time with peer in Nano-Seconds

variable status

wifi_ftm_status_t wifi_event_ftm_report_t::status;

Status of the FTM operation

The documentation for this class was generated from the following file cores/common/arduino/libraries/api/WiFi/WiFiEvents.h